Why we use the Raw Building and Thin Joint System with Celcon Blocks

The Raw Building and Thin Joint System is one of the most innovative systems as well as the most preferred methods of wall construction throughout Europe. There are so many benefits of using this amazing system, but the major benefit is speed.  It has turned a large construction of weeks into just days without sacrificing quality or durability.  One reason the time has been reduced is due to the type of blocks that are used, called Celcon blocks.


Celcon blocks are much easier to lay. Generally you would need special tools to cut through the bricks. These tools are costly. With Celcon blocks you can quickly cut, saw or drill the blocks with woodworking tools therefore minimizing the time and cost that you would normal need.


One of the most important aspects of any construction job is the speed of construction, but an improvement in an already existing method that is more cost effective AND retains the original benefits is unusual.  As a contractor we must ensure that our work meets the requirements of the current Building Regulations. Using this system we can ensure that your job will surpass these requirements. It’s a modern day method of construction that has dramatically improved the strength, air tightness and thermal performance, weather resistance and even reduced the amount of waste.

You can learn a great amount about this system by researching online. There is no lack of information available to you. This is not a complex method; it’s an easy to follow method that will without a doubt improve many aspects of your project again and again. Putting up solid walls in a fraction of the time. Using the Celcon blocks along with the Thin Joint Mortar will give you maximum benefits beginning with the fact that you will save money and reduce the project time
N D Building Services Limited, builders in Gloucester and Cheltenham and throughout Gloucestershire, are very experienced in using the Raw Building and Thin Joint System with Celcon Blocks. Contact them at www.buildersgloucester.com for more information.